Our investigations are confidential, thorough, and complete. We will conduct investigations anywhere that our clients' needs designate. All of our investigators posses backgrounds with local, state, and federal law enforcement having testified in thousands of criminal, civil, and administrative matters.

Criminal Investigations
Reinstein Investigations, Inc. is a full-service, licensed investigation firm providing complete investigative services for criminal defense attorneys and private parties.

Its Chief Investigator and CEO, Mr. Ronald Reinstein, has over 25 years of criminal investigative experience, primarily being assigned as a police investigator in the Major Crimes Section of the Rochester Police Department. Mr. Reinstein's experience covers all aspects of criminal investigations including: leading large-scale criminal investigations, interviewing, eliciting witness statements, undercover operations, compiling law enforcement reports and results of investigative techniques, conducting surveillance, record and background checks, internet research, and computer forensics.
Civil Investigations
Regardless of what type of case your firm is handling, you need to know the facts. This helps you to understand whether to accept the case in the first instance, or to help you in the defense or prosecution of the matter.

Reinstein Investigations, Inc. will work with your firm from beginning to end, and will provide you with the information we develop within the requested time frame.
Family Law
Reinstein Investigations, Inc. offers complete investigative services for all facets of family law procedures and practitioners.
  • Matrimonial
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Adoption
Whether it is a criminal case or a civil case, Reinstein Investigations, Inc. is able to provide a complete and thorough investigation. As in any adverse circumstance, it is as important to prove a violation, as it is to disprove one.

Reinstein Investigations, Inc. can provide video and photographic documentation and Reinstein Investigations, Inc. is available to conduct interviews to obtain written and/or oral statements. Depending on the needs of your case, Reinstein Investigations, Inc. is able to provide other services in these investigations. Call Reinstein Investigations, Inc. for a consultation and we can discuss the options.
Background Investigations
Reinstein Investigations, Inc. offers background investigations that are scaled to best suit your needs. Reinstein Investigations, Inc. understands that not every background investigation needs to be completed as if obtaining "Top Secret Clearance."

With this in mind Reinstein Investigations, Inc. has developed standard investigative practices, and will speak with you personally to tailor our services to fit your needs.

A full explanation of findings is contained in the professional and confidential final report of investigation that Reinstein Investigations, Inc. provides to its clients.
Skip Traces
Do you have a former client who owes you or a client money? Reinstein Investigations, Inc. can work to help you in your efforts to have the debt satisfied by locating the responsible person or people.

Reinstein Investigations, Inc. is able to utilize methods unavailable to the general public to research corporations and to determine who is the liable party in fact, and where that person may be located.
Missing Persons Investigations
Unfortunately, there are instances where law enforcement agencies obtain less-than conclusive results in locating missing individuals. Many factors can contribute to the failure to locate the individual.

Reinstein Investigations, Inc. can continue to pursue these cases in the event that law enforcement agencies cease to utilize their full resources. Reinstein Investigations, Inc. can also pursue the case simultaneously with law enforcement in circumstances where you believe additional evidence exists. You can be assured that a thorough and complete investigation will be conducted and that you will be kept informed of all developments and efforts.
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